Luke Cage Streets Trailer

Woop! A brand new trailer for Luke Cage has just dropped. Now, if you want to go into this new Netlifx series not knowing anything about it at all, I recommend not checking out this trailer. The first season (all 13 episodes) drops this Friday 30 September on Netflix, so you could wait it out and watch it instead.

But if you’re just way too excited (like I am), you can check out the latest trailer below…

What an awesome trailer. We get a more detailed look at our villain (villains?), and some other key players, including Rosario Dawson’s character, Claire Temple who featured quite extensively in Netflix’s Daredevil, also appearing briefly in Netlfix’s Jessica Jones series.

A huge theme it seems for the first season is Luke Cage coming to terms with what he can do, and who he could (or should?) become as a result of that.

If you missed the first Luke Cage trailer, it debut as part of the slate at comic Con 2016. Check it out, along with the Daredevil Season 3 teaser, and the Iron First trailer in our Comic Con 2016 Trailer roundup.

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