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Support Indie Film: Trouble is My Business

Guys, we haven’t posted anything in the Support Indie Film section for some time! We’re been so busy working on our own upcoming film project, but we’re taking some time to share an interesting project with you from director Tom Konkle. We had the chance to interview him and you can enjoy the interview below.

BTG: Hey Tom, great to meet you! Tell us a bit about who you are what got you into directing? 

Tom Konkle (TM): I love telling stories. I always have from scaring other kids in the backyard with by unexpected summer Halloween Haunted Forest in July to now and getting paid to do what I loved as a child. I grew up in a suburb outside of Washington DC always feeling out of place.

I knew what I wanted to do an an early age and set about putting myself on a path to be around like minded people in a place where it was more likely to happen. I loved to Los Angeles straight out of college. After more than a few lean years sacrificing time, money and life for my end goal, I’ve worked as an actor, a writer or a director ever since.

Trouble is my Business - Thomas Konkle Directing - BTG Lifestye - Support Indie Film

BTG: Tell us a bit more about your latest project, Trouble is My Business

TM: Trouble Is My Business is a love letter to the unique genre of noir. I wanted to see if the kind of films inspired by a practical need to shoot lean and dark could be applied to the microbudget film now.

It was a story I wanted to tell with people who all deserve to be carrying their own feature film. If you took one of those pulp detective stories off the shelf and told me, “Go make a film.” Trouble Is My Business would be it.

Trouble is my Business - Thomas Konkle Brittney Powell - BTG Lifestye - Support Indie Film

BTG: The trailer looks great! We can’t wait to see the film. What (or who) inspires you?

TM: I have a bunch of directors I adore. Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, Jacques Tounier, Orson Wells, Stanley Kubrick, Terry Gilliam, James Cameron, Hitchcock, there are too many favorites to list.

I straddle two worlds one as a performer… and then as a writer and filmmaker tech person who understands the visual language of film

BTG: How would you describe your work as a filmmaker in general? Being an actor must give you a unique perspective.

TM: I straddle two worlds one as a performer who likes to be the instrument the story is told through and who understands what a performer often likes to have created around them to do their best, and then as a writer and filmmaker tech person who understands the visual language of film and the technical aspects of production and post production.

I make films I would like to see and hope someone else agrees. I have a 3 film slate planned a old school science fiction space opera, a twisted western and a followup noir film to Trouble Is My Business.

You can watch the trailer for Trouble is My Business below, and read more about the film after:

Los Angeles, Calif. (March 2018) — Random Media and Lumen Actus Productions proudly announce the April 3rdDVD, Digital and VOD debut of a spectacular new classically inspired 1940’s noir feature, TROUBLE IS MY BUSINESS.  Directed by and starring Thomas Konkle, the film follows Roland Drake, a Los Angeles Private Investigator trying to untangle a mystery that only lands him in deep trouble.

Debuting on DVD in a spectacular 2-Disc ‘Special Edition,’ the release allows whodunitfans to enjoy the adventure in color or in beautiful, authentic to its roots, black and white. A story ripped from the covers of hard-boiled pulp magazines, inspired by noir film classics like The Maltese Falcon, Double Indemnity and Raiders of The Lost Ark, TROUBLE IS MY BUSINESS also stars Vernon Wells (Mad Max, Commando) and Brittney Powell (Xena), in an adventure that ticks all the classic boxes, including seductive femme fatales, corrupt cops, a weary P.I., and troublesome thugs and dames.


Private Detective Roland Drake has fallen on hard times in a harsh world.  He’s being evicted from his office and disgraced by a missing person case, which has ruined him in the public eye and with the police.  It seems like it’s all over for him, until redemption walks in… with curves.  The owner of those curves is a sexy, dark-haired beauty named Katherine Montemar.  She needs his help!  The chemistry is immediate and her concern for the disappearance of her family members pulls him into her case… and into bed.  Drake wakes up to her missing, with a pool of blood where she used to lie.

After a nervous encounter with his one-time partner in investigations, the equally skilled but unscrupulous Lew MacDonald, Drake is confronted by Katherine’s blonde sister, Jennifer, who knows more than she should about everything and blackmails him into helping her.They both have secrets from each other and the world, but their destiny becomes entwined in the dark descent into her universe, which is violently coming apart.  This leads them on a hunt for a priceless gem and into world peeled back to reveal a twisted family and the immoral underbelly of human nature.Dogged by the corrupt police in the form of Detective Tate and by a dangerously interested Lew MacDonald, Drake must navigate a sinister world of lies, betrayal, and murder with the menagerie of seedy characters that appear in Jennifer’s life.

Roland and Jennifer slip deeper and deeper into their doomed love story. Even Drake might not be able to tell right from wrong anymore at the shocking conclusion, which could destroy him, Jennifer, and bury all the mysteries forever.”

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