BTG MovieCast Podcast Ep 3: Cliffhangers

After a little break, BTG Lifestyle dusted off the old microphone and recorded the third episode of BTG MovieCast. Because how else will the world keep spinning? A jam packed episode awaits. Are you ready?


Things have changed since the last episode: Dean had a baby. Seriously, HE physically gave birth to a baby. Because that’s where technology is right now. And you can hear his kid screaming in the background of this podcast. Ok I’m joking. It was the neighbour’s kid’s birthday party next door, which they were not invited to. Whatevs.

Aaaaanyway, this episode’s main topic is cliffhangers, as a direct response to the extremely shitty way that The Walking Dead Season 6 ended. Also they look at some other examples and ask the question, is it cliché? Is it necessary?

Dean also looks at why you should be watching Marvel’s Daredevil season 2 and Stephen gives his view on the film that made all the money but is getting a mixed reception: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Also, because your geekdom needs a little Star Wars in it, they discuss the new Rogue One trailer, too.

Here’s a list of the articles mentioned in the podcast:

Dean’s Review of The Walking Dead finale, and his response

Stephen’s Review of Batman v Superman

The Funny or Die article about “Diet Negan” and 13 other ridiculous things from the finale

The Moviepilot article summing up the internet’s frustration with the #TWDfinale

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You’re still here? Well then, it seems like you deserve to know who shot J.R. Here’s the reveal…

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