BTG MovieCast Podcast Ep 6: Trailers

The BTG MovieCast Podcast is back – and a little late (sorry) – for the 6th edition! We had technical difficulties and had to re-record the podcast. But this one is worth the wait. This month’s edition is all about trailers and San Diego Comic-Con!

In this Podcast episode, we also talk about what we recommend you watch. Dean looks at HBO’s Ballers season 2 – which already got picked up for season 3. Stephen looks at Netflix’s Stranger Things and what he thought about this new show making waves on the interwebs.

The majority of this podcast is San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) reactions to casting news, announcements and the influx of trailers that was shown. Also, why was Marvel’s Cinematic Universe so discreet while DC pretty much gave us everything?

The main topic for this month is trailers. We got a crap load of trailers over the past couple weeks. Some hit, others missed. But why is this? What is the criteria for a good trailer, if any? We look at this topic and give some examples trailers too.

Big shout out to Jamie Lee Jacobs who is the newest contributor on BTG Lifestyle! Whoop whoop! As a side note, we moved the podcast to YouTube for now, as we hit our upload limit on SoundCloud. Let us know what you think of the new format. We hope you enjoy this week’s BTG MovieCast Podcast!

Here’s a list of the articles mentioned in the Podcast:

Brie Larson (Finally) Confirmed As Captain Marvel – Comic-Con

Why I need the Wonder Woman Movie to be as Good as the Trailer

Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer

Justice League Comic-Con Trailer

9 Awesome Trailers from Comic-Con 2016


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