BTG MovieCast Podcast Ep 4: Spoilers

So we’re a bit late for the month of May, please forgive us? The BTG MovieCast Podcast is back and this time we’re bringing spoilers!

You know that thing when you’re really excited to see a movie or episode of a TV show, and then someone reveals a key plot point and it shatters your whole universe? Yeah, that sucks. Spoilers are a real thing, guys. But what is a spoiler and what are the rules? Can we discuss anything without people getting pissed off? This is the main topic for this week’s BTG MovieCast Podcast.

We also talk about what we recommend you watch. Dean looks at the collision course that is Captain America: Civil War and looks at the plot, exciting new characters and the choices that were made that differed from the comic. As expected the obvious comparisons to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are also addressed.

Stephen delves into the latest season of Game of Thrones, looking particularly at new revelations and how the show is developing now that they have run out of source material.

We hope you enjoy this week’s BTG MovieCast Podcast!


Here’s a list of the articles mentioned in the podcast:

Captain America: Civil War Spoiler-Free Review

A Guide to Proper Spoiler Etiquette

What Are the Rules for TV & Movie Spoilers on Social Media?

And here’s the Screen JunkiesThe Idiot’s Guide to SPOILER ETIQUETTE” video:

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