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Short Film Weekend: Escargore

Look, I know last month was Halloween, and I probably should have doubled up on the Short Film Weekend post, but this time I’ve got a cracking horror-comedy animation for you guys about a group of snails trying to make their way out of a kitchen. They have quite a rough time, so expect some gore…


I found myself unable to react normally to this short. Do I laugh? Do I flinch? I mean, we’ve all killed a snail at some point in our lives – mostly by accident. But when they get these personalities and get ripped to shreds it makes me feel kinda icky.

The characterization in Escargore is beyond amazing, with each one of the 5 characters having distinct physical traits that compliment their personalities. One may call these archetypes, but with a 5 minute short, I think the creators of this film are safe using them.

Escagore is from Media Design School’s ‘3D Animation and VFX’ programme and was created by 22 students over a 4 month period. Yes ladies and gents, this beautiful short is a student film! Amazing.

I hope you enjoyed Escagore as much as I did. If so, please share this article, and feel free to drop a comment below with your thoughts.


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