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DETOUR: A BTG Short Film

Foreword by Stephen Nagel

It’s finally here. One thing I’ve realised being a blogger and filmmaker for a few years now, is that while it always gets easier to talk critically about the things you like or dislike that other people have created, putting your own work out there for others to see and comment on never gets much easier. That’s how my mantra as a creator was born: Commentate, but also Create. I hope you enjoy this little short I created.

A couple of years ago we ventured into a global film project and created a short film that fits into a much larger narrative. The narrative is called Breathe Easy. And our little segment is called “Detour” – and, FINALLY, it is here for you to see.

DETOUR was Directed by Stephen Nagel, and Written by Dean Ravell.

As we mentioned before, this short film fits into the feature length film called Breathe Easy, which was released in 2016 and has been making waves on the Indie film circuit, being entered into various festivals, spearheaded by producer Paul Mackie.

Here’s an excerpt from the Mission Statement of the Breathe Easy project:

“We’ve decided to go even further and again to push the limits of social media to help us create a film that breaks not only one but two film World Records as verified by Guinness World Records. Most countries filmed in and Most Directors for a single narrative feature film. Both are currently held by the 2012 film The Owner and stand at 13 countries and 25 directors.  The Breathe Easy script is set in England during a global event and each of the segments filmed separately of the main plot line will help to show the huge scale and magnitude of what is actually happening around the world”

Click here to read the full mission statement for Breathe Easy.

Despite not breaking the world record, it still made a massive impact and gave us at BTG Lifestyle an opportunity to not just talk about films, but to be a part of making one.

We’d like to thank everyone involved in the project for an amazing job well done and we look forward to working with you in the future.

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Dean Ravell

Writer/director. Fascinated with all kinds of film and just wants to be part of the wonderful world of cinema.