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Short Film Weekend: Who?

This week I bring you yet another shortlisted film from the Colchester 60 Hour Film Challenge. The film is called Who? and placed second in the competition overall. Who? looks at the relationship that people have with technology in our modern age, and a nearby imagined future…


This was amazing, because my initial thought was that this was about some kind of abusive relationship; or perhaps just a commentary on the difference between being connected (via one’s smart phone) and enjoying the moment, the people and the natural things around you. Boy was I wrong.

It turns out that the man in this short is in fact a piece of technology himself, and the lady is just more engaged with her phone (and work) than she is with him. There’s not a lot of back story on how this came to be, but it does seem to comment on the lack of authenticity offered by technology as a surrogate for the human condition and experience.

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Admittedly this film reminded me a lot of the Black Mirror episode “Be Right Back” starring Domhnall Gleeson. Here’s the trailer for that episode:




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