Jongo is a South African Superhero – Watch the 1st Trailer

Guys, I have some really exciting news today. A South African science fiction television series was announced recently, and just landed a distribution deal at DISCOP 2015, and will hopefully be airing locally in 2016. Watch the trailer below…


This looks absolutely amazing, and as a South African I’m just bubbling with pride- even more so as a huge fan of sci-fi.

The series has had some great press both locally and internationally, with Indiewire and io9 already covering the story. Jongo is set in Johannesburg, South Africa and follows Eli King after he finds a crystal left to him by his murdered father.

The crystal gives him superhuman powers which he uses to find the people that killed his father. As his investigation sheds light on the matter, he discovers that that there are others like him with their own crystals.

Jongo stars a well-known local hip-hop dancer, Pacou Mutombo and  is written and directed by Gareth Crocker. The series was produced by Motion Story, an independent television and film studio based in Johannesburg.  There are 8 episodes in the first season of Jongo.

BONUS: Here’s a cool behind-the-scenes video where the creator Gareth Crocker talks about the show and the production.


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