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Frozen Yoghurt: A BTG Short Film

Something unexpected happened to Jess and Mia on the way to get Frozen Yoghurt.

Written and directed by Dean Ravell, one half of BTG Productions, this short film was created as the second instalment as part of his Breakfast Trilogy. Stephen Nagel, director of the well-received short film Detour which formed part of the global film Breathe Easy – took a seat behind the camera lens as director of photography.

Talented performer Vita Nova and first timers Sharna Hector and Lynton Ward rounded out this intimate production. A special thanks to Oxy band for granting us permission to use their song “All My Friends” off the EP of the same name.

Enjoy the ride and let us know your thoughts! Have a look at our previous works, Relentless, Detour as well as the first instalment in the Breakfast Trilogy: Burnt Toast.

Sour Milk will be coming soon.


Written and Directed– Dean Ravell

Director of Photography – Stephen Nagel


Vita Nova – Mia

Sharna Hector – Jess

Lynton Ward – Venus


“All My Friends” – Written and performed by Oxy

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