Movie Trailers Round-up – September Week 2

Hey all, so I’m gonna start rounding up some trailers on a weekly basis since a lot of people seem to dig that. Don’t expect too much commentary in this segment because there’s a lot to get through each week. However if a trailer does really appeal to me, or rub me the wrong way, I’ll definitely say something about it.

Five Fingers for Marseilles

This is a super stylistic South African film which debut to rave reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival. MAN it LOOKS great. Kinda Western with that very rough South African terrain, set in what appears to be a rural area or informal settlement. I really can’t wait to see this, and the look of it makes me excited for where South African films are headed.

The Shape of Water

Speaking of rave reviews, Guillermo del Toro’s latest film The Shape of Water is a fantasy romance that is making waves (see what I did there?). Now we have a red band trailer, because del Toro, of course!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Final Trailer

The latest Kingsman trailer is a corporate video! 1 week until release!

All the Money in the World

Ridley Scott’s latest starring Marky Mark and Kevin Spacey seems to have come our of nowhere. Looks interesting I guess.

Jeepers Creepers 3 Trailer # 2

I hate that I actually wanna see this. I mean it really sucks that they brought back the guy who is a literal creeper IRL. The trailer looks like it’s probably gonna suck, but I wanted to enjoy this on every other level. I wanted to enjoy it as a movie that’s so bad it’s good; but I considering the circumstances I don’t think I can do that…

Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence is on a roll, with Mother! coming out this week (in the states – we have to wait until fucking NOVEMBER!), and here she is as a spy. It looks intense (but probably not as intense as mother! from what I’ve heard).

The Foreigner Final Trailer

This is the role that’s going to break Jackie Chan out of the funny martial arts man mould he’s been living in for decades. This revenge thriller looks absolutely amazing!

Coco Trailer

Coco looks like the next animated character we’re all going to fall in love with!

Only the Brave Trailer #2

The dude who directed Tron is doing a firefighter movie with an all-star cast. Looks decent.

Downsizing Trailer

Matt Damon shrinks down in the first trailer for downsizing; a trailer that doesn’t offer a glimpse at any conflict. Although this is probably for the best, as most trailers these days give too much away. And I mean, what could go wrong if you shrunk yourself down, right? …. RIGHT?

The Disaster Artist Trailer

Guys, all I’m saying is that this is the dark horse of 2017 that’s going to take us all by surprise and I honestly won’t be surprised if James Franco gets an Oscar nomination for this performance. Or at least if there’s some buzz around a potential nomination.

Fifty Shades Freed Trailer

Nothing to say. It just came out this week.

Which of these was your favourite trailer? Do let us know. And don’t forget to share this.

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