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RELENTLESS | A Short Film | 60 Hour Film Challenge

This past weekend we took part in the Colchester Film Festival’s annual 60 hour film challenge, producing our short film, RELENTLESS. Each year the festival runs a global competition in addition to the main festival where they encourage amateur (and pro) filmmakers from around the world to create a short film under 5 minutes.

The oragnisers provide each team that enters with a title, line of dialogue and action that must be included in the film. We entered two years ago, but being very inexperienced at the time, our entry didn’t get off the ground in a good way. Then in 2016, the competition went on hiatus. We were so glad to see it back this year, and decided to enter. You can watch our entry below, entitled ‘RELENTLESS’. Enjoy!


The idea behind RELENTLESS was to show the varying perceptions of time, in a surrealist fashion. Elana, our lead takes her time for granted and it comes back to haunt her with a vengeance. While the narrative is manic, I didn’t want to take things too seriously, so it wraps up in a rather unceremonious manner with time trolling her once more.

I hope you enjoyed the film, and feel free to let us know what you thought of it.

More about the Colchester 60 Hour Film Challenge

Each team gets their brief at 9PM on Friday, and has to submit the final film on Vimeo by the following Monday. This is my favourite independent film festival and competition anywhere, because the barrier to entry here is so damn low, and it’s a true celebration of storytelling, without placing silly limitations and terms and conditions on filmmakers.

So hey, Colchester 60 Hour Film Challenge organizers, I’m talking to you right now. Thank you! Thank you for the work you do and for what it means to filmmakers the world over.

You can click here to read more about the Colchester Festival 60 Hour Film Challenge.

If you enjoyed our short film, please share it with your friends. We will be updating you all with the results of the competition as and when it is released. Watch our social media channels below for more info.

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