[LISTEN] Stephen, Dean & Haniefa talk about their Film Project

You may have heard me¬†talking constantly¬†over the last couple of weeks about a film project we’ve become involved with. Essentially, we’ll be filming a segment in a feature film that will possibly break two World Records.

We chatted to Bhavna Singh on her podcast, Under The Table over at Pint Size Media about project #BreatheEasy2016, thoughts on the independent film scene in South Africa and Cape Town, and what we’d do if the apocalypse actually happened. Enjoy…



Click here to read more about the film project and how you could possibly get involved.

Click here to contribute to our Indiegogo campaign (any little bit counts).

Click here to listen to more Under the Table podcast episodes.

About the Author: Stephen is a film critic and aspiring filmmaker currently working on his first real film project, #BreatheEasy2016


Editor-in-Chief at BTG Lifestyle. For cinema.


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