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Short Film Weekend: Inaudible

Hey guys, I know I’ve been scarce, but I just HAD to post this today, since I only started this segment a week ago. In case you’re wondering where I’ve been, I’m currently working on a short segment for a feature film that will hopefully break two world records.

So yeah, I’m kinda busy. If you’d like to support my project, please check out my Indiegogo campaign (which isn’t doing that well at the moment. But maybe you can help change that).

I digress. Back to the point of this post, a beautiful short film called Inaudible, by Gints Zilbalodis. This short, 3D animated film is about a musician who struggles to adapt to a new life after he loses his hearing. It’s a really sad story, told powerfully through images and sound.


The tune he plays sums up the tone of the film: it’s tragically wistful, but yet so beautiful. Inaudible is about loss, but also about the human condition and a very common struggle with self-expression that many of us have experienced or are currently experiencing in our lives.

Zilbalodis had this to say of the film:

“Inaudible is film about confidence and self-esteem. It’s about difficulties people face when communicating verbally and through art. It’s about the necessity of self-expression every human has.”

This is definitely a filmmaker you’ll want to keep an eye out. With such graceful animation, and sharp storytelling skills, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing plenty more awesome stories from Gints.

About the Author: Stephen is a filmmaker currently working on his first feature (even though it’s a very small part in one). Follow him on Twitter @thesnagel for more film musings.


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