Why You Probably Hated The Walking Dead’s Season 6 Finale

For the record, I love The Walking Dead. Season 6 has been intense and some of the best programming I’ve seen in a long time. I particularly looked forward to this season’s finale because it promised the introduction of an infamous character from the comic book.

We finally met Negan.

But there has been backlash surrounding the episode and chances are you’ve seen it and hated The Walking Dead‘s Season 6 finale. Here’s why that might be the case. Spoilers to follow, of course.


1. First thing’s first, that cliffhanger…


2. It’s all drum-roll

The episode was suspenseful. Of course it was. And it was building up to a point where you KNEW there would be some kind of face off. Yet there wasn’t. Well, not in the way we were hoping. I understand Maggie was the mission but you managed to bully your way into every other situation, Rick, so why not this one? Why not smoke everyone at the very first hurdle and get going. Retreating every time might have been a smart choice at the time but look at where you ended up. One mediocre gunfight was all we got. We deserved more.


3. Darryl’s cliffhanger in the previous episode meant nothing.

Zero. He’s alive: great. But he might as well have not been. What was the point of that? If he’s the one who gets his head bashed in by Lucille and Negan then ok fair enough. But we wouldn’t know that because….

4. That cliffhanger…


5. Not a solid enough B story.

Morgan and Carol’s B story was filler. It was barely anything. It ruined the pacing of the show and didn’t interest me in the least which is terrible because Carol is badass and Morgan is great too. But the whole B plot was meh.

6. Ninety minutes?

No one thought that would INCLUDE the adverts. I was preparing for an hour and a half of The Walking Dead. Maybe a zombie invasion hits Alexandria because Father Gabriel fucks up. Perhaps the two armoured dudes who Morgan bumps into actually helps rescue Rick and Co. Maybe after a long monologue Carol shoots herself in the head.

Maybe Rick and Co had a plan all along. Or maybe we’d get to see one of the group get brutally beaten by Lucille, get reactions from the rest, get so much gut wrenching emotional anguish that it leaves our stomachs turning because X died.

But no, we didn’t, all because…

7. That cliffhanger…

No. Don’t do it! Don’t you dare! Oh shit, you actually dare. Ok then! We riot!

At the moment of posting this, Season 6’s finale received a 5.6 rating on IMDb (the lowest of any TWD episode ever). It should have been the equivalent of Breaking Bad‘s Ozymandias. It should have been damn near perfection. But the cliffhanger ruined it. This is why some hated The Walking Dead‘s Season 6 Finale. Not because the entire episode was terrible, but because it could have been so much better if they gave us what we were promised.


Anyone who knows a little about the comics knows that Negan is a mad man and that he is introduced in the comics by way of killing a main character, but the writers of The Walking Dead TV show aren’t afraid to switch things up a bit so while we all thought X would die. Maybe it’s Y. I would have taken that.

There are only 2 cliffhangers worse than the one we got.

A. Negan walks menacing with Lucille in his hands and says, “Hi, I’m Negan.” Roll credits.

B. Negan barely exits the R.V. and all we see is Lucille in his hand and maybe a close up of his sly grin. Roll credits.

If either of these happened, then fuck this show. Thankfully it didn’t. We got a good monologue from a charismatic character and fan favourite who would have had the best intro of all time had it not been for a serious lack of pay off. We knew he would punish one of them. It happened in the comics and it is only fitting that it would happen here. We deserve to know who died. Instead they used a terrible cop out to leave everyone in limbo and boost Season 7 ratings.

Who gets their head bashed in? Debate it all you want. That’s what the show wants. I have my theories and I’ll tune in when season 7 kicks off.

You win, The Walking Dead. But fuck you.

What did you think? Did you hate The Walking Dead’s Season 6 Finale? Did you love it? Did you think it was great until the ending? Let us know in the comments section.

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