7 Trailers from the Past Week

I haven’t done this kind of post in a while, but I’ll try and make it a more regular thing since everyone seems to like it. This month has been exceptionally busy on the EPIC trailer front.

I say EPIC trailer front, because trailers get released all the time, but November has been a very solid month for trailers. This week included some really good (and bad) trailers. Check out the list below…

Now You See Me 2

They should have given this a unique name instead of “Original Movie Name” 2. I feel like it’s just that kind of trilogy (which is what it will probably be) that should have a different name for each film. But alas, I don’t make the decisions.

The film has a few new faces, including Daniel Radcliffe; yes Harry Potter the wizard grew up to be a magician. Amazing! I must say that the tricks in this one look a bit more like actual magic than sleight of hand. But let’s not jump to conclusions now…

The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Okay first things first: They did a spin-off of a Snow White film that cut nobody out EXCEPT Snow White.  What does that really say about the original? This time around, Hollywood heavyweights Jessica Chastain and Emily Blunt join the cast.

And as a result the biggest question on my mind is WHY? Why would they join this movie? It doesn’t look like it will be a great film from an artistic perspective at all. However there’s definitely an audience of fairy tale escapists out there who will catch it at the box office, causing that profit to swell.

Zoolander 2

I kind of had a little bit of disdain in my tone for the last two trailers, but this one had me in stitches! From Benedict Cumberbatch in drag (?) to Justin Bieber dying exactly how you expect him to, to Will Ferrel shedding a buff/fat suit, and finally Kristen Wiig with Fashion TV face.

This is the perfect parody of the vanity we see all over the fashion and celebrity world on a daily basis in 2015. It’s just so beautifully summed up in this trailer, and now they’ve got the selfie factor too!

In the Heart of the Sea

Okay why didn’t they just call this Moby Dick? That’s literally all I have to say.


Keanu Reeves takes on a dangerous investigation in the trailer for Exposed. His last few film projects (and yes I’m including Knock Knock in that list) have indicated a pretty decent return to form.

With John Wick 2 currently filming, I’m really excited to see what Reeves will be doing over the next few years.

How to be Single

Following the trend and success of Trainwreck, here’s another movie about being single and doing stupid shit.

But it looks damn entertaining; there’s a lot of funny ladies in here including Rebel Wilson who is just so awesome; and the thumbnail has Alison Brie flashing her boobs, so I’m kinda sold.

Note: tit-punching isn’t funny, and could be quite dangerous.

Central Intelligence

I saved the best for last. I follow both of these amazing dudes on Instagram and saw them posting behind-the-scenes images from this film over the last few months. Now we finally have our first trailer and it looks pretty epic.

There’s a nice mix of action and comedy, and I love that Hart’s character is the uptight one. The tagline so far appears to be ‘Saving the world takes a little Hart and  big Johnson”. How frikken creative is that?



What did you think of the trailers that came out this week? Will you be checking any of these out at the big screen?


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