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Short Film Weekend: Jumpers

If you haven’t heard of the Takeaway Scenes Project, then you better get on this boat right now! The project is an experimental film project with quite a catch (or rather, a few catches). The scene must be one continuous shot (no cuts), nobody may take public credit for the scene, only natural lighting is allowed… and there’s a a few more rules which you can read on the site; I’ll link to it below. Jumpers is the 5th installment in the experimental film series and is a story about one man trying to talk a boy off the ledge as he’s about to jump…


At first glance, it’s a bit of a slow burn. It has a very interesting pair of archetypes: The misunderstood young man, and the older, more seasoned, bit-of-an-asshole uncle. But the film takes an almost tear-jerking twist towards the end when there’s a really heartfelt revelation.

If there’s one thing I wish right now, it’s that I knew more about who these filmmakers really are, because I would love to see more of their work.

According to the filmmakers, they had to plan for two months from different parts of the globe to film this on the 4th of July during the climax of the fireworks. This was after they had been forced to retreat after police interference. That is really impressive and shows a huge amount of dedication to the craft.

I hope you enjoyed Jumpers as much as I did. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Click here to read more about the Takeaways Scenes project at their website.

About the Author: Stephen is a film critic and aspiring filmmaker currently working on his first real film project. For more information, check out his campaign and please contribute if you can.


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