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Short Film Weekend: The Painter of Jalouzi

This week I bring you a true story, all the way from Haiti. It’s about a painter from Jalouzi, one of the country’s most impoverished slums, who’s working within the community to bring colour to the town by painting every inch of it. Check out the film below:

This film has been making the rounds on many publications because it was shot in 4K, on the iPhone 6s Plus. Noted, the behind the scenes clip revealed that the filmmakers used DSLR lenses on the phone, but this is still an amazing feat.

At first I though this was just some cool PR for the new iPhone, but this truly seems to be for a good cause and to tell an amazing story. And that’s why I’m sharing it here with you.

You can support children in Haiti through creative initiatives of the RYOT Foundation by clicking on the link below:

The Painter of Jalouzi RYOT FOundation.


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