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Short Film Weekend: Moral Courage

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you could do something to help someone in a bad predicament, and you only had a few moments to decide what to do?

In ‘Moral Courage’ This is the case for a guy on a late night bus when he sees a group of guys harassing a young woman and has to make a quick decision…

This short is great for a number of reasons. Firstly, it puts us in this guy’s situation. Many people who post about similar situations online have commented that they would have intervened, often judging people who don’t. But would you really? This film does a great job of really emphasizing the intensity of the situation. Don’t kid yourself, you probably wouldn’t have the balls to get up and stand up to these guys either.

It goes a step further to subvert the expectation of this situation. As our “hero” finally decides to stand up for the damsel in distress, we find out that she’s not really a damsel in distress at all. The young lady handles her business and teaches the guys harassing her a solid lesson!

Did you enjoy ‘Moral Courage’ as much as I did?


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