Sherlock Christmas Special gets a Trailer

It sucks that we have to wait ages and ages to get new Sherlock episodes. The next full season is scheduled for 2017. Yeah, that’s because Benedict Cumberbatch is a seriously sought-after actor, with a ridiculous schedule. However I’m sure many watchers of British television are used to this sort of thing; the Brits are not as gung ho about a new season every year. I think it adds a kind of novelty to the experience of watching the show.

Anyhoo, check out the trailer for The Sherlock Special, which will be released on Christmas Day this year:


The first thing that caught my attention is the cinematography; while previous seasons of the show have been driven primarily by story and character interaction, this special looks like it has a much more cinematic approach in addition to this. They’ve really played around with shadows and lighting to create an intensely chilling and mysterious tone for this Victorian era special.

So far no plot has been released, but do we really need the details? I think the mystery is what makes it amazing, and myself (and I’m sure many other viewers too) are more excited about the setting than anything else.

Are you a Sherlock fan? What did you think of the trailer?


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