Short Film Weekend: Hashtag Nofilter

This week you may have seen in the news that an Australian teen influencer, Essena O’Neill quit social media, citing the unrealistic expectations to keep up the perfect image, and the fact that she’s missed out on real life, trying to perfect a fake image online. Then she posted it online and asked for money. Anyway, sticking with that theme about the fakeness of social media, here’s Hashtag Nofilter, a super short film about Instagram… and it’s kinda creepy.


Social media is something that everyone battles with; it’s a love/hate relationship. On one hand it can do amazing things to connect you to people and develop your network that can lead to success in your life and career. On the other hand, it can cause social anxiety and technology or internet addiction. I guess at the end of the day it’s all about balance, and making a concerted effort to realise that social media just isn’t real life.

So keep that in mind before you start coveting what you think someone else has next  time you log on to any social media platform. Sure this film is a bit extreme, but there are many people faking it out there in more subtle ways.


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