Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt. 2 Trailer

Am I the only one out here who thinks that breaking the final installment in the franchise up into two separate films is just an exhausting process? I feel exhausted by the number of Hunger Games movies that have come out recently. I’m over the build-up. Just finish. Give me resolution (and it damn well better be a good one). ┬áThe trailer definitely looks like it’s building up to something good, check it out below:

Now don’t get me wrong; I love Jennifer Lawrence, and I love youth dystopian youth fantasy narratives, but guys, just kill the weird old dude with a fetish for killing young people in creative ways already. Just DO IT!

Here’s the trailer from earlier this year:

Then there was also this epic teaser which kinda gave me goosebumps:

What are your thoughts on the trailers for the film so far? Are you looking forward to the final installment? And what’s the deal with every franchise doing a 2-part, part 3 these days?


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