Boychoir at NuMetro’s Scene

by Annemarie Roodbol

I’m not what you call a movie buff or freak. I prefer TV. I love series like the Sopranos, The West Wing and Game of Thrones and mostly feel that cinema doesn’t measure up to the quality of the best that the small screen has to offer. So when NuMetro brought out their snazzy new “Scene” cinemas recently I was not really interested to spend more for a more comfortable seat.

Until last week when a group of us decided to celebrate one of our friends’ birthday with a dinner and movie, Boychoir, and it just so happened that it was showing in a Scene cinema at NuMetro at the V&A. We immediately knew that this would be a really special treat for our friend (and for us!).


Boychoir boasts a stellar line-up of real movie stars with the likes of Dustin Hoffman, Eddie Izzard and Kathy Bates who all deliver solid performances and even Debra Winger makes a surprise appearance – I thought she wasn’t doing movies anymore?  Young Garrett Wareing as the troubled yet very talented teenager  has great screen presence. Boychoir also has stunning scenery of church interiors and rural, private school scenes juxtaposed with amazing shots of New York. The biggest star in this film of course is the beautiful music, there is actually not enough of it, because the storyline is so predictable that my prejudice against film reared its subjective head again.
This is where the Scene cinema experience came in to turn this into a memorable evening. Everyone wants to be made to feel special and NuMetro does that with a separate entrance, a la carte menu and in-cinema service. The seats are AMAZING – I want one at home to watch TV on! My only gripe was that the door to the cinema was left open twice by the waiter, which let noise into the space, and even with the doors closed, we could actually hear sound from the film in the cinema next door, which is surely not the intention.

All in all, we had a memorable evening and that is what everyone intended!

About the author: Annemarie started her career in journalism and now does PR and communications for an events company in Cape Town.


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