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Here’s Your Primer for Blade Runner 2049

So you’ve been hearing some buzz about Blade Runner 2049 from your friends or nerds around the internet. You maybe saw the trailer, and you might be a bit interested. Well, I’ve got what you’re looking for right here, a few videos that will update you on what Blade Runner is, and what you need to know before you watch Blade Runner 2049.

Blade Runner (1982)

The original Blade Runner film is a classic sci-fi noir film from 1982, directed by Ridley Scott. I am not a big fan of this slow-paced, overly long film, but I will admit it has had a major impact on how science fiction has evolved over the decades, and provides a great example of building out a physical world and space for a film. I’m not a fan of the film, but feel free to watch it. If you don’t want to watch it, below you can find a 2-minute summary of the film instead. Blade Runner takes place in the year 2019.

Black Out 2022

As part of a build-up to Blade Runner 2049, director Denis Villeneuve commissioned a few filmmakers to create short films that fill in the gaps for major events that happen between the end of the original Blade Runner, and the start of the latest film. The first major event is ‘the blackout’ which is depicted in a short animated film by acclaimed Japanese animator, Shinichirō Watanabe.

2036: Nexus Dawn

The next short film (and the one thereafter) is directed by Luke Scott (Ridley Scott’s son, riding them coattails!) and focuses on a meeting between Niander Wallace and a few suits. He has a new creation after replicants were outlawed that may change these laws, and the way humans exist moving forward. This short takes place in 2036 on the timeline, and is our introduction to the key antagonist of Blade Runner 2049.

2048: Nowhere to Run

The last of the short films before 2049 happens one year before the start of the film, and focuses on a replicant who is living a low profile in the city. When faced with the choice, he has to fight, revealing his identity. This character is an important part of Blade Runner 2019, so it’s good to see some character work here before going into the film.

Now that you’ve seen these 3 short films, and the 2-minute summary of the original Blade Runner, I think you’re pretty much ready for the film. After seeing it myself, all I can do now is suggest that you find the biggest screen possible, and give this epic film a watch as soon as you can.

You can watch the trailers (a and 2) for Blade Runner 2049 below:

Blade Runner 2049 Trailer #1

Blade Runner 2049 Trailer #2

Don’t forget to share this so that other people out there who may have express interest, but who have no idea what’s going on, can also get to grips with what’s going on in the world of Blade Runner before watching the latest film.

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