I Need Your Help To Make A Film

Hello there, it’s Stephen Nagel here from Cape Town. Yes you, I’m talking to you. I need your help.

So far with the re-launch of my blog, things have been going pretty well. I’ve already made some interesting connections with filmmakers from all over; so much so that I’m now involved in co-directing a feature film.

The Project

For this project I’m collaborating with a filmmaker from the UK, Paul Mackie who has been producing some really interesting films via social media. Essentially he’s made two films in the UK on shoestring budgets simply by networking via Twitter.

This is the third film in the sequence, and we’re pushing the limits of social to help create a film that breaks two world records: Most countries filmed in and most directors for a single narrative feature film. Both are currently held by the 2012 film The Owner and stand at 13 countries and 25 directors.

Now, these numbers are surprisingly high but we truly believe that with the power of social media and enough belief in ourselves as well as passion for film making that we can break these records, and send out an inspirational message to all aspiring filmmakers around the world of what can be achieved with hard work, passion and perhaps most importantly the help and support of others.

I’ll be directing a small segment of the film along with 26 other directors. My segment is around 5 pages of script.

Your Chance to Help

I myself am an aspiring filmmaker with minimal experience, so I’ve really thrown myself into the deep end with this one, and hoping that I come out alive at the end of it. With your help, I probably stand a much better chance.

I’m looking for anyone in Cape Town who loves film and who would like to get involved in some way. At the moment I don’t have a budget, but I am working on this. I have set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the hiring of gear, but unfortunately I don’t have any budget to pay for services rendered, so anyone joining this project will be doing it because they want to help, or for their own artistic expression.

Click here to view the Indiegogo Campaign. Contribute if you can, or share with anyone who could.

Right now I need Actors, a Cinematographer, Sound Engineer, and Editor. But even if you don’t specialize in any of these roles, shoot me an email anyway and we’ll work something out.

  • Do you have a friend who’s studying acting and looking to build a show reel? Put them in touch with me.
  • Do you have a unique location available, or are related to someone who does? That would be HUGELY appreciated.
  • Do you have some gear you’re willing to let me use? I will kiss you (only if you want me to).
  • Do you have mad baking skills and want to make a cake for the cast and crew? You’ll be the most loved person on set.
  • Do you draw like a boss? Maybe help me storyboard.
  • Good with logistics? (I’m not) So why not be my producer?

Seriously, any skill is one we can use, all it takes is you wanting to get involved.

About the Film

The film is entitled Breathe Easy, and the script is set in England during a global event. Each of the global segments will be filmed separately from the main plot-line in locations around the world, to illustrate the huge scale and magnitude of what is actually happening.

In Breathe Easy, gaseous clouds of an unknown origin have appeared over every major city and area of mass population on the planet. At first this is just cause for conjecture and debate for everybody from the men and women on the street to scientists, philosophers and religious leaders.

As time goes by however it becomes more and more obvious that the clouds are more of a threat than originally thought, which sends the public into a panic, causing rioting and widespread violence to break out everywhere, and eventually the authorities and military react and deal with the problem. People are trying to flee the cities away from the clouds into the safety of the countryside and forests. I’ll be directing a scene showing what’s happening in Cape Town during this time.

You’ve read this far! Congratulations. If you’re still interested in this project please email me at [email protected] or tweet me @thesnagel. Or even just comment on this post and I’ll be in touch with you.


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