2015 Will be a record year for Movies – $11 Billion

2015 Will see the previous record, set in 2013, of $10.9 billion being SMASHED. This year, as predicted, will show a lot of major movies gracing the big screen and movie lovers will flock to the cinema like no other year before.

With no major sporting events falling in the summer (of the northern hemisphere), all the attention will be focused on the summer movie blockbusters. A lot of attention, time and interest will be solely focused on the big screen.

There’s just too many out there!

Not only will 2015 break the record, it will surpass the $11 billion mark. In 2013, the movie industry showcased The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ($424 668 047), Marvel’s Iron Man 3 ($409 013 994) and Disney’s animated gem, Frozen ($400 738 009). 2013 Had movies that catered for all demographics. Despicable Me 2, Monsters University and Frozen earned over $1 billion.

Animated movies can pull in the entire family and everyone will enjoy the movie without feeling too old or too young. They are funny, entertaining and they have characters people can learn to love. Rated movies and more mature movies got people into the cinemas, allowing for the box office to blow and break the record set by 2012 – $10.8 billion.

I'll bet you hate movies that are universally loved
How we feel about you if you don’t like animated movies.

2014 was not really a strong year in terms of the box office and saw the total gross earnings decline by 5.2%. With movies like American Sniper topping the box office with $347 762 901, it seemed a tall order for 2014 to surpass 2013.

Movies total gross US


*Year of the record being broken and set.

**These figures are estimates

Over the last 5 years, for the movie industry to have a record breaking year in gross earnings, the top 10 highest grossing movies have to have an average of over $315 000 000.

2015 Has just crossed the $3 billion mark with Furious 7 – breaking the record of the highest opening weekend in April  – leading the charge with $294 510 675, Cinderella made $186 478 482 and Fifty Shades of Grey (which broke Valentine’s Day Weekend records) grossed $165 960 425.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron will continue where Furious 7 left off and blow the box office open with a predicated gross earnings of $555 000 000, Jurassic World will also leave its mark on the box office with a prediction of $295 000 000, and not to forget Star Wars: The Force Awakens to close the year with a prediction of over $500 000 000.

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As it stands, there will not be a year like this as there are movies for everyone.  Minions – the Despicable Me spin off, Pitch Perfect 2, Magic Mike XXL, Spectre, Fantastic 4 and many more. The US domestic box office gross will exceed the $11 billion mark and will see an increase of roughly 12% to 15% from the 2013 current record.

It will be a great year to go to the cinema and the 2015 schedule is so well put, you may be at the cinema every weekend of the summer.

[DISCLAIMER: All figures and stats apply to the US Domestic Market]

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