7 Trailers from the Past Week… or so

This week was HUGE for new Summer blockbuster movie trailers. If you’ve been too busy over the last week or so, we’ve done you a favour and rounded up some of the best trailers from the last week. Hope you enjoy, you lazy arse!

Jurassic World

First up, we have the latest trailer for Jurassic World that just dropped a couple of hours ago.

I can’t even cope with everything that’s going on in this trailer right now. We have this crazy monster test tube dinosaur, crowds of Sea World looking people running and screaming in fear, and Chris Pratt on a motorcycle with his Raptor Bros. What more could you ask for?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Next up is something you’ve all been waiting for for a really long time. It’s the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer.

This one gave me goosebumps, especially seeing┬áthose familiar faces at the end. All I’m hoping for is a story that’s going to carry this film beyond all the special effects. The future of Star Wars films was discussed extensively at the recent Star Wars celebration event.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman vs Superman is up next, and the only way to sum this up is Nanananananananana BATMAN! Just watch the trailer, okay?

If that wasn’t enough of a fix, check out our Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Review for more of a dig.


Next up we’ve got the tiniest hero in Marvel’s universe: Ant-Man. This trailer has a nice mix of light and dark, but I get the distinct feeling that Ant-Man doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Let’s hope that with a lead like Paul Rudd, they can slot in some awesome bits of comedic relief here and there. It worked quite well in Guardians of the Galaxy, after all so maybe it will work here too. I’m starting to think that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is being split into light and heavy films…

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four has been rebooted. Yes. I’m still concerned about this one, but the trailer looks half decent.

I don’t have much to say. I’m excited about three of these actors and their futures (i.e. everyone except Jamie Bell), but the movie itself is not filling me with anticipation. Maybe it’s just because the trailers so far have been average? Or maybe it’s just because I can’t get the sour taste of the last 2 Fantastic Four films out of my mouth yet. Bring me my Listerine! Brb…

Terminator Genisys

Speaking of being back, Terminator Genisys is next on our list of awesome trailers this week. Before you watch this trailer, be warned that it reveals a CRAZY twist in the narrative that you may want to steer clear of if you like to see crazy twists pan out in movies…. You have been warned.

I’m really keen to see Emilia Clarke break out onto the big screen and really shed the scales of her Mother of Dragon’s role on Game of Thrones. We all know that she’s a ridiculouslly versatile actor, having played both the timid Dany, and the formidable Khaleesi so far. Also, Arnie fighting his younger self? Gahd Dayem! (That wasn’t the twist FYI).

Mad Max: Fury Road (Legacy)

Last, but not least, bringing this list to a close is the new Legacy Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road. This one speaks for itself. It just has amazing everything. Yes, amazing everything. The trailer starts out by giving us a look at the original Mad Max film starring Mel Gibson, and ends off with some awesome shots of the 2015 rendition of the film.

Let’s hope that this means that they will be staying true to the essence of the original, while breaking the boundaries and creating something fresh and enjoyable to modern audiences. A tough thing to do in this day and age.

Hope you enjoyed these awesome trailers. Which ones were your favourites? Let us know in the comments below.

About the Author: Stephen wonders why every modern trailer makes this sound… anyway, he still loves awesome trailers and is looking forward to most of the movies on this list. Catch him on Twitter for more film ramblings.


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