Epic Cinematic Montage featuring over 300 Movies

There’s just no other way to sum up this awesome video that surfaced on Vimeo earlier this week. Enjoy close to 5 minutes of some of the best shots and portions of dialogue from over 300 films.

The full  list of films used to create the montage is available in the video description. Apparently this is the second montage of its kind done by the same Vimeo user. You can find the first montage below:

While most people’s response may be “Someone has a lot of time on their hands”, I can’t help but admire the effort that went into this. The author is very selective with the shots and dialogue, changing the pace and feel of the montage as it progresses, in a manner that’s very much like a trailer.

So basically, this is one epic 300-film trailer. Did you enjoy the montage as much as we did? Let me know your thoughts.

About the Author: Stephen is a filmmaker and critic who’s also co-founder of BTG Lifestyle. Catch him no Twitter @thesnagel


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