Hannibal Season 3 Trailer

You may have heard the news over the last week or so that the next season of Hannibal (season 3) has been pushed to start in (U.S) summer, which means we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to get our taste of what the show runners are cooking up this season.

However, today we get a little bit of an appetizer in the form of a season 3 trailer. **UPDATE** Since posting this article, the official Hannibal YouTube channel has also posted the trailer, so I’ve replaced the one that was on this piece with the original:

Those last few lines from Will are chilling; what do they mean for the future of his character, and the path of the story?

As a bonus, enjoy one of the most legendary pieces of music ever! Vide Cor Meum. Bon Appetit!

Let me know your thoughts on this trailer in the comments below.


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