Oscars Predictions 2017: Best Original Screenplay

It’s hard to argue which is more difficult: adapting a story to fit a screenplay or creating an original screenplay.

I would say the latter due to the fact that you’re essentially starting from scratch. In this post we predict the winner of the Oscar for the best original screenplay category.


Original screenplay


Manchester by the Sea

I’m going to be positive and go with the one I think deserves it the most, Manchester By the Sea. The story in and of itself is so original, so poignant, so nuanced, it plays out like a ballad or a poem.

From the tragedy, to the story structure, to even the humorous points, everything is perfectly in place in a way that only Kenneth Lonergan can do, this script was a work of art and deserves all the awards and praise.


La la land

La La Land BTG Lifestyle

In a perfect world, The Lobster is winning this award but I have a feeling that La La Land is going to take best original screenplay. Damien Chazelle brings the nostalgia hard with this fresh and fun look at modern romance in Hollywood.

We haven’t seen a film like this in a while, and despite it’s feel-good nature, it is just as thought-provoking as it’s fellow nominees as it depicts passion, love, comedy, drama, and packaging it into a film we won’t soon forget.


Manchester by the Sea

I know that Manchester by the Sea is going to win, but just hear me out for a second: The Lobster is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen and it is incredible.

Colin Farrell has a dad-bod and lives in a world where single people are given 45 days to find a partner, or they’ll be turned into an animal. Rebellious loners have to live out in the woods away from the rest of society. This movie is so apt with Valentine’s day coming up.


La la land

Out of the films in this category, the only one I haven’t seen is 20th Century Women. I’d love to see The Lobster win, but I have this feeling that La La Land is going to take it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Hell or High Water, or Manchester by the Sea takes it either; I feel like the Academy really seems to adore those films even though I don’t fully understand the super high praise. I just don’t think they love it as much as La La Land, so that’s my pick for this one.


La La Land

It’s a tough one but the musical is going to dance its way to the Oscar. “They never make movies like this anymore” was a review that stuck out to me the most and that statement could not be more true.
A musical has a way of touching more emotions than any other genre of movies. Penned well with a coherent story and slightly off the Disney type of vibe, it feels like the mature version of High School Musical.


Manchester By the Sea

Manchester by the Sea BTG Lifestyle

There are a few films in this category I did not see yet, I love Annette Bening so I am glad I didn’t see 20th Century Woman, then my bias would appear and I would not be able to give a detailed, honest choice.

My choice would be for Manchester By the Sea, only because I was taken back to the way Kenneth Lonergan treated his work in Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York. Casey Affleck as well as Michelle Williams have such great material and they KILL IT of course!

But I only recognised it was his work with all the bad language Michelle used, and so politely – never had anyone said “fuck off” that made you choose to stick around. I just loved that! I hope he wins this award for this uncomfortable material that really throws you into their despair and heartache. So good!

What is your prediction for Best Original Screenplay?

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