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Sherlock is one of the most popular TV shows currently running. With over 10 million viewers on every season premier, Sherlock will go down as one of the best TV shows of our generation. Well written, brilliantly acted and the wait between seasons is [beep] [beep] [bbbeeeeeeeppppppppp] ridiculous. In some cases, I understand why Sherlock would need all this time, but others, I feel like the excuse is running out.

But I digress! I would like you to know that I am coming from a place where I’ve watched the show in its entirety and I have read the stories in their entirety. With this being the longest break between seasons, it’s safe to say the BBC are trying to put us out of our misery. And I’m sure the people manning the BBC call centre and emails are tired of all the Sherlock emails. Not to forget the tweets! I know I was one of them. Thank you, though!

What are Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson’s top 6 cases? Well, here they are and in order:

6. The Empty Hearse

The Empty Hearse Sherlock BTG Lifestyle

This episode was found wanting on some many levels. Once we found out “how Sherlock did it”, the rest of the episode became unnecessary. The fans’ begging question was answered and from there, the interest of the show dipped badly.

Based on Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Treason Plot, the episode lacked on all things Sherlock. If you know the Gunpowder Treason Plot, you’ll find this episode is a cheap imitation of the story. Sherlock and Dr Watson could have left the case to the Detective Lestrade to actually do some work.

5. The Blind Banker

The Blind Blinker Sherlock BTG Lifestyle

In the early days of the Sherlock and Dr Watson adventures, the second episode of the show’s history felt bleh and lacking in interest.

Consider it a prequel to the introduction of Professor Moriaty, but there really wasn’t much to write home about. To be fair, the show was still finding its feet and the second episode became infamous for Sherlock’s best cases.

A lot of action in this episode, it showed more of the physicality of the characters as opposed to the mental power. A good watch!

4. The Six Thatchers

The Six Thatchers sherlock BTG Lifestyle

A great welcome back after 3 years of absence. The history of Mary was jaw dropping and it answered a lot of questions from the previous season.

In Sherlock fashion, the principle of misdirection took place and had the viewers focused on one thing meanwhile the answer was right in front of them. Sherlock episodes that get you thinking are the best and The Six Thatchers had more “Oooohhhhhhhh!” and “What the f-?” than previous episodes.

A thoroughly enjoyable watch, this was worth the wait. All 3 years of it! Although, it had a weak ending. It’s 2017! Jumping in front of the bullet, gasping for air and passing on the final message is out dated. The BBC, try again!

3. The Hound of Baskerville

The Hound of Baskerville Sherlock BTG Lifestyle

The first Sherlock Holmes story I had ever read. A comic to be exact and from what I remember, there were 3 hounds. This episode was based on one of the most infamous Sherlock Holmes stories.

What a great story it is! “It was a great big HOUND, Mr Holmes!” You have got to love that quote as it resonates well with Sherlock Holmes.

A frightening end to the story as Sherlock believed that the hound did not exist until he saw it himself. It was jaw-dropping to see the hound as you feel Sherlock’s word is bond.. until he is wrong! Then everything becomes chaotic.

2. The Sign of Three

The Sign of Three sherlock BTG Lifestyle

A great story and one of the best episodes on the show. A twist to The Sign of Four book, this episode was clever on a lot of levels and kept the viewers on the edge of the seats.

The hardships of being the best man, the traditional practices of weddings and why you should never invite your ex to your wedding.

A coherent story with humour to accompany, The Sign of Three was everything any fan could ask for when it came to Sherlock.

1. A Study in Pink

A Study in Pink Sherlock BTG Lifestyle

The episode that shot the show into the sky. Did you know there’s an unaired episode? It’s about an hour long which is pretty much the pilot less 30 mins.

Still a good watch! A Study in Pink introduced the world of Sherlock 7 years ago and from there, the show has been a success. The show starts with Sherlock not finding out if he was right or wrong.

It bothers me till today – did Sherlock pick the right pill or the wrong one? But we’ll never know thanks to Dr Watson’s intervention. The perfect story with the ultimate serial killer whose premise was based on the principle of choice. Beautiful. Definitely the best case Sherlock and Dr Watson had to encounter.

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