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I pull up at Plumstead Methodist Church and take a solid 10 minutes to park in the one-way street outside- I’m fly like that. I think I drove here with my lights off. Damn. Myself and Dean jump out of the car and march up the steps to the Hall, the home of Twisted Movements Dance Studio.

We’re greeted by the ever- smiling Kirra who welcomes us in and introduces us to the rest of the crew.

I was expecting someone to start popping and locking uncontrollably. But that didn’t happen, and I can’t tell whether I’m relieved or upset about that.

Anyway, we meet and greet the other excited dancers and prepare to get to know a bit more about what Twisted Movements is all about.

Steph and Jill step forward to greet and discuss logistics for the eve. With this much enthusiasm, I know it’s going to be awesome.

Twisted Movements is an innovative, charity-based Dance Studio with the vision to inspire through dance- and to teach people to have fun while doing it.

The studio specialises in Hip-Hop, Latin American, Contemporary and Belly Dancing, and offers training in any or all of these styles.

With a strong focus on fitness and health, Twisted Movements welcomes beginners and experienced dancers through all age groups.

Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children provides homes for neglected, abused and unwanted horses and ponies; and works to develop equestrian skills in underprivileged children.

Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children

The Haven serves as a sanctuary that helps young people develop empathy for animals and a deeper respect for the world and its inhabitants.

Jill has been working to rescue any horse or pony in need, providing them with a loving safe home by ensuring their safety and well being.

The dancers at Twisted Movements have been working tirelessly for months preparing for their show Levels taking place in June, in aid of the Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children.

Twisted Movements presents Levels

Twisted Movements hopes to expand in the near future, as Stephanie and Lili have plans for extended studio times, private lessons and more.

I definitely think this dance studio has the right spring in their step, and are worth keeping an eye out for in future.

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