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Mike’s Pics #1

Foreword by Stephen Nagel

Every so often Mike will bring you a rad image- taken by himself- from somewhere around the world, with some brief information on the featured place to entice the travel bug in you, hopefully inspiring you to go somewhere awesome- as you should. Over to Mike.

Standing in the Snow – Mokpo, South Korea

A statue standing up to the cold Korean winter.
A statue standing up to the cold Korean winter.

Photograph by Michael Howe-Ely

This photo was taken near Mokpo, a town in the far south-west of the Korean peninsula. Winter in Korea lasts from December until mid-March, and can be bitterly cold. However, the heavy snow does make for some great photo opportunities.

We believe that a big part of “being that guy” is to be well-traveled. While it’s not a necessity, and not many people have the opportunity to do so, it’s still pretty dam awesome and we highly recommend that you sell all your possessions- and travel. If you like.

It gives BTG Lifestyle great pleasure to introduce to you a top guy who’s been to many places around the globe. His name is Mike, and he loves to hike… and travel and take photos and stuff.

Michael Howe-Ely

Michael Howe-Ely AKA Mike is BTG Lifestyle’s travel correspondent. Something of a photoholic, he takes far too many pics; the best of which will be shared on BTG Lifestyle.

He has spent five years at UCT, two years in South Korea and is currently working as a Marketing Assistant at MotoMia.

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