All of My Feelings About the Mary Poppins Returns Trailer

When I heard that a sequel was being made of the classic, I was honestly annoyed and after seeing the teaser trailer I still feel uneasy.

It’s no secret that I hate sequels and reboots and often avoid them like the plague. It has to be extremely special for me to even consider tormenting myself with most-likely mediocrity.

The original Mary Poppins was released in 1964 and shouldn’t be important to me but I know every song and every word and we all know I love musicals. I didn’t watch the new Jumanji because I felt attached to my childhood version, so this is much worse.

I’ve had a few days to process all of this and I’ve decided that I believe in Emily Blunt and if anyone were to play Mary Poppins it should be her. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Meryl Streep are both part of the cast and with heavy-hitters like those I have to trust their judgement when it comes to the artistic integrity of the movie. Surely Meryl won’t let me down?

However, the teaser trailer doesn’t tell us much about the storyline: Jane and Michael Banks are now grown up and their nanny comes to visit them after all these years. Seems strange to me but it must be for a very important reason. I’m going to need a full trailer before I decide whether I’m going to see it.

The movie will only be released on Christmas so I have some time to think about it, keep my expectations low and remind myself that nothing will compare, so I shouldn’t.

BONUS: A sneak peak at the Mary Poppins movie we all deserve:

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