Short Film Weekend: Only Me

This week I present to you a fun film that was submitted to the festival this year, called Only Me. It’s a short comedy, and it really has a satisfying punch to it! Enjoy…


In case you’re wondering why I’ve been posting so many films from the Colchester Film Festival’s 60 Hour Film Challenge, it’s because it was the first film competition I ever took part in (officially) a couple of years ago. I think what they are doing is amazing in terms of creating a global community of filmmakers, and providing a great platform for amateurs and professionals alike, to showcase their work, and collaborate.

Only Me is a great story reminding us not to judge a book by its cover. Specksy may seem very timid at the office, but it turns out he’s pretty badass with guns (and a bit of hand-to-hand combat too).

If you enjoyed Only Me as much as I did, please share this post, and feel free to comment if you have anything else to add to the conversation.


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