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Eliptifilms by BTG Lifestyle

Meta Morning is the first in what is planned to be a series of elliptical films by BTG Lifestyle.

The series, entitled Eliptifilms is designed to capture glimpses of awesome moments in elaborate stories- without going into the details.

Eliptifilms will show you a super villain’s breakfast ritual, a mother’s dream, a traveler’s encounter with a stranger, a child’s nightmare and a teenager’s first kiss- without contexualising any of it. And for this, we won’t even apologise.

As screenwriters who have a great desire to take our own narratives beyond the script- by ourselves- we know that more often than not great narratives can be extremely difficult to firstly find, then navigate, and subsequently mould into something worth filming.

“…fueled by the finer arts of cinematography, sound design and motion acting.”

There’s that first vomit draft that you have to beat into shape, then you have to beg to have the shit kicked out of your script by your inner circle of critics and confidants. And once you get to that eventual final draft, after months of blood, sweat and trees, you’re defeated before the first frame is captured.

Eliptifilms, therefore are designed to be shrouded in obscurity, driven by visual and aural art forms. The series is fueled by the finer arts of cinematography, sound design and motion acting.

Often written with an open ending, Eliptifilms will capture your attention, even if it’s a knee- jerk reaction, and demand your interpretation when the blackness left by the final cut settles in your minds eye.

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About the author: Stephen Nagel is co-founder of BTG Lifestyle. He is an aspiring filmmaker with expertise in screenwriting and digital marketing.


Editor-in-Chief at BTG Lifestyle. For cinema.


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