Flashback Friday: Bad Boys (1995)


This week’s Flashback Friday takes us to Miami in 1995, when the buddy cop action comedy genre was introduced to Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. But most importantly, when Michael Bay made good films. This is Bad Boys.

I remember watching Bad Boys years before I was actually allowed to watch it, but it was so enjoyable and funny that I don’t think any of the grownups around me bothered to change the channel or put in another DVD. It was Martin and The Fresh Prince! It was a comedy. But, you know, with violence and drugs and excessive foul language.

Bad boys 2

The chemistry between Lawrence and Smith was such that any conversation between the two of them was captivating. Even if they were angry at each other, it was the funniest thing. Given that the two actors had roots in sitcoms, it was unsurprising that Bad Boys would be funny. But the back and forth between them exceeded expectations.

But of course, what’s a Michael Bay film without a shootouts, car chases and massive explosions. This film had enough to still have some semblance of plot, which cannot be said for most of the Transformers movies but I digress. Bad Boys was Michael Bay at his peak. And it was his first major blockbuster, make of that what you will.

bad boys 4

Tons of hilarious dialogue, memorable characters, likeable actors and great action sequences make Bad Boys one of the best buddy cop action movies I’ve ever seen. And this year it’s 20 years old. Damn.

For those who have sadly not seen this film, here is the trailer for you to enjoy.

Rating: 8.5/10

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