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M3GAN – A Spoiler-free Review

I’m not the horror expert. If I can avoid horror movies, I often do. But I do like comedy horrors. And M3GAN isn’t the most comedic of horrors but it does enough to make me not take it too seriously.

M3GAN is about Gemma, a workaholic robotics engineer at a toy company who becomes an unexpected guardian to her niece, Cady, following the parents’ death. Gemma is working on an ambitious project to build a life-like AI doll and tests the prototype by pairing it with Cady, providing her with a companion to help her overcome her loneliness. Only the AI doll M3GAN begins to take on a life of its own.

The movie does a great job of tackling some serious themes, such as our reliance on technology, loneliness, and loss, without being too heavy-handed. Gemma’s obsession with her work and the AI doll is a commentary on our society’s tendency to prioritize technology over human connection. Meanwhile, Cady’s grief and loneliness are palpable and relatable, making the audience root for her and fear for her safety when M3GAN starts to act out.

Despite the horror elements, the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously. The comedic moments are well-executed, and the film is self-aware enough to make fun of itself at times. The dancing scenes, in particular, are hilarious and provide some much-needed levity to the tense moments. Plus M3GAN singing Titanium was pretty random and funny. Some of the line delivery may be cringe-worthy – looking at you, Ronny Chieng – but it doesn’t take away too much from the film itself.

One of the strengths of the film is its puppetry and special effects. M3GAN looks incredibly realistic, and the puppeteers did an excellent job of making the doll’s movements seem lifelike. The cinematography is also pretty dope, with some shots that add to the film’s overall aesthetic.

The plot is not overly complex, and some viewers may find it predictable. Still, the movie knows what it is and doesn’t try to be anything more than a fun horror-comedy. The acting is mostly great, and I particularly liked Allison Williams’ performance as Gemma. Chieng’s role as the comic relief may not be for everyone, but he does provide some laughs.

Overall, M3GAN is an enjoyable horror-comedy that manages to balance its serious themes with humor. It’s not the scariest or funniest movie out there, but it provides a fun and entertaining experience. The movie’s special effects and puppetry are impressive. If you’re a fan of horror-comedies, M3GAN is definitely worth a watch.


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