Oscars Predictions 2019: Best Original Screenplay

I was going to basically take the same intro paragraph I used last year but that would be unoriginal. Conceptualising a story from scratch, developing engaging characters and creating a perfect story is not easy. As a screenwriter I would know. But some make it look so easy. Here are the Oscar nominees for Best Original Screenplay.


Green Book

I like the fact that the son of Tony Lip actually wrote this book and script.



I always believe that personal stories are the most important to make. Roma is based on director Alfonso Cuarón’s real life nanny from when he was little and is set in his home town of Mexico City in 1971.

For such an accomplished director to not only direct but also write the story, meant that it was always going to be a special project and he handled the script with such care that he deserves recognition for it.



A beautiful movie by an amazing director…..

…who am I kidding. I just really want a Netflix movie to win. GO TEAM NETFLIX!!


The Favourite

The Favourite is whip-smart and has not one but 3 Oscar-worthy performances, making it my favourite option for this category. Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara deliver a screenplay that feels like a period play, which fits perfectly with Yorgos Lanthimos’ directing style, elevating the entire film to new levels.



Cuaron’s work as of late has been phenomenal and he continues his streak in this film. It’s a “foreign film” that is breaking barriers and it can be seen in the writing. You move with Cuaron in each frame and it is artistry. Seeing stories of the “little guy” or “gal” have been moving as they have the opportunity to have a voice. What I like about Roma is that it’s the definition of storytelling being told by an individual from there which gives authenticity to it all.


Green Book

My choice is Green Book – it is beautiful!!!!
The Favourite is my favourite this year like Lady Bird last year but Green Book was so well written and well told.

What is your prediction for Best Original Screenplay? Let us know in the comments below.

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