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5 Things I Learned from Sausage Party (2016)

Last Friday evening, my friends and I decided to watch R-rated animated movie Sausage Party (2016). I had been warned it would be quite an experience. Holy crap what an experience.

I’ll keep this spoiler free but here are some things I learned while watching Sausage Party.

But first, here’s a little synopsis:

Sausage Party chronicles the story of products at Shopwell’s Grocery Store who are made to believe that if they are chosen by the gods (people) they will venture into the great beyond and lead a happy existence. Basically they will enter nirvana and spend the rest of their lives in total bliss.

However, one sausage named Frank (Seth Rogen) and his companion bun Brenda (Kristen Wiig) are left stranded after getting separated from their packages. What follows is an adventure through the supermarket as Frank, Brenda and a couple of other items that we left behind, aim to find their way back to their packages while also learning about their existence and what actually happens in the great beyond.

Ok, now for what I learnt:

1. Basically anything can be made sexual

We live in a time where everyday words can be twisted to have sexual connotations. I, too, twist these words. The number sixty nine will never be safe again. But I thought some things were sacred. Food being one of them. But I was unbelievably wrong.

Sausage Party takes every kind of food (and even every day appliances and accessories) and makes it so sexual that you find yourself feeling weirdly uncomfortable. Also, is it weird that I have a massive crush on Brenda the bun? I feel like it is weird but I can’t help it.

2. R-rated animation should be the new trend

I know this is nothing new. We’ve seen Team America and South Park. Sausage Party is not exactly ground-breaking in its graphic violence and sexual content. However, I think Rogen and co are going to pave the way for an influx of animated adult films. Or rather, it should.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Finding Nemo and Toy Story as much as the next person and I will stand in line for it when films of that nature is released because feel-good animated films are great.

But when little Johnny falls asleep while watching Lion King, pick him up, gently tuck him into bed, kiss him on the forehead and then go back to the couch and put on Sausage Party.

We need a lot more films like this. Something clever and rude while being funny and completely unfiltered. Can this please be a new trend?

Carl (Jonah Hill, 2nd), Barry (Michael Cera, 3d) and Frank (Seth Rogen, rt) in Columbia Pictures' SAUSAGE PARTY.

3. Never watch this movie with your kids (or parents)

I cannot stress this enough: if you let your little kids watch this movie, you are opening yourself up to hours of uncomfortable questions and even more hours of therapy, you sick fuck. How can you do that to your kids? Do you even like them?

Ok, sorry, I digress.

Kids, if you’re reading this: I know some (most) of you will sneakily watch this film when it is released on DVD. I get that. But don’t suggest it for family movie nights.

You cringe when one slightly heated sex scene is in your PG-13 movie and your parents are right there. Now imagine 90 minutes of that. Don’t do that to yourself.

4. Grocery shopping will never be the same

I’m not a scientist so I cannot comment on the sentience of food. But if they have feelings, then I am seriously sorry. Every time I watch Toy Story I feel bad about neglecting my toys.

But I am literally going to start crying in the aisle at the supermarket because of how I am going to murder this pack of sausages when I get home.

Is this why Vegetarians exist? Because they know what we’re doing? Shit, but salads have feelings too. Don’t they? I’m so confused.

Also, this was traumatic as hell

5. Crude can be clever

I have to admit: I did not expect to enjoy this film as much as I did. I expected it to be a gross out comedy with celeb voices and lots of swearing.

I got that. But what goes severely overlooked is the fact that Sausage Party is well reserved and thought out, while also containing some of the cleverest puns and references.

Some were a bit on the nose, like Meatloaf being… ahem… meatloaf. But the references to Stephen Hawking, Saving Private Ryan, 300 and even the religious undertones with the people being “gods” means that this is more than just a silly crass film about food. Or maybe I’m trying to look for some redeeming quality.

In conclusion

Not for the faint hearted. No seriously. But for those, like myself, who has an equal love of sexual innuendo, graphic violence and food, this is a wonderful.

Fans of Seth Rogen comedies will enjoy this and it features the usual suspects such as Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Bill Hader and even Edward Norton.

A seriously funny, clever and fucked up film. I recommend it.

Have you seen Sausage Party? What did you think? If you haven’t, here is a trailer for Sausage Party in all it’s red band glory to wet your appetite. Enjoy!

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