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Deadpool 2: A Spoiler-Free Review

We’ve been a little silent with our video reviews as of late – mostly because we’ve been making a movie of our own! But we would be amiss if we left you hanging, especially since a certain┬ámerc with a mouth came out with a sequel!

Deadpool 2 sees Ryan Reynolds, TJ Miller and Morena Baccarin return but also included Zazie Beets as Domino and Josh Brolin as Cable to round out an exciting sophomore outing. But how did it do overall? Let’s dive in.

Technically speaking

The CGI wasn’t always a home run. Cable looked decent (although personally I lobbied for Stephen Lang but hey, this is Brolin’s year) however Collossus and a surprise mutant addition left a lot to be desired. Action sequences were pretty high octane but weren’t as good as it’s debut outing in 2016.

The characters

People who know me know that Deadpool is my favourite Marvel character and he brings his quippy best – although not all of the jokes landed, but I’ll forgive him because the ones that did were laugh out loud funny, which is pretty rare these days. Cable brought a mysterious and often polarising persona to that of the motormouth Deadpool and the two of them have incredible chemistry even when they’re trying to kill each other. Julian Dennison was a surprise standout with the young actor holding his own against some seriously seasoned actors.

I found it really difficult to pin down the villain in this film, which can be both a good and a bad thing. It proves that there are layered characters, but with the year that Marvel is having with their villains, I really wanted there to be a hard-hitting, complex, yet unequivocal bad guy.

The story

Deadpool finds himself protecting a troubled young mutant named Firefist from a determined badass named Cable and brings together a team of unlikely heroes named X-Force to try and stop him. Cable is known for being a time-travelling mutant but fortunately there wasn’t too much of that going on (time travel is messy of course, we know this) but Deadpool’s role as protector was something I really enjoyed given that revenge was pretty much the main theme of the first film. To be fair, he doesn’t do too much growing up- this is Deadpool after all, but it was good to see him switch gears a bit.

The verdict

Deadpool 2 wasn’t as good as the first film. Maybe it’s the fact that we know all about him now. Maybe it was an overload of references. But that’s typical Deadpool and we shouldn’t write it off entirely. Very worthy of a nice popcorn flick. I’d recommend you hand over some money for it, if not for some incredibly funny scenes and some cameos that will delight everyone in the cinema.

Deadpool puts in maximum effort but only gets a 7/10 from us.



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