Oscars Predictions 2018: Best Lead Actor

The top male acting award is next on our list. Who takes the Academy award for best actor? We have our say.



Gary Oldman – The Darkest Hour

Like Sam Rockwell, Gary Oldman is known for his talent and his ability to act in a variety of roles. He has had a hand in almost every franchise, but with this role as Winston Churchill where he was almost unrecognisable, it was arguably his best work.


Gary Oldman – The Darkest Hour

He should win unless ME TOO gets him.


Gary Oldman – The Darkest Hour

It’s an absolute crime that this is only his second nomination for the Best Leading Actor Academy Award, the first was for his performance in 2011’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. He didn’t win it that year. 2018 belongs to him. After such a long, brilliant career playing a diverse range of characters he deserves it. I think this says it best:


Gary Oldman – The Darkest Hour

Because G.O.A.T. I have nothing more to add.


Gary Oldman – The Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman is a fantastic Winston Churchill! Even though he is obviously an incredible actor across the board, he may have been born for this role.


Gary Oldman – The Darkest Hour

It’s a trend that when someone physically embodies a character to the point that they change their appearance drastically, they tend to go home with a statue. Coupled with the fact that Oldman is a brilliant actor, I feel this one is his.


Gary Oldman – The Darkest Hour

Oldman is definitely taking this. He is overdue for a statue. He could have clenched the gold for 1992’s True Romance or 1994’s Leon: The Professional, and dare I say 1992’s Beam Stoker’s Dracula, but got snubbed for everyone. Once again, he’s overdue a statue.


Daniel Kaluuya – Get Out

That scene where he’s sitting on the couch, being drawn into the sunken place. If the entire film was just 90 min of that exact scene, I would still want him to win the Best Actor Oscar.

Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out - BTG Lifestyle


Gary Oldman – The Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman is one of the most underrated actors today. He is the new Leo. He deserves his Oscar for an amazing performance in Darkest Hour, a film that he carried…with his fat suit.


Gary Oldman – The Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman transforms himself into Winston Churchill for Darkest Hour. I will fall off my chair if anyone else wins it. This is a super tough category and we have nice mix of veterans and newcomers, but Day-Lewis has had his turn(s), so has Denzel. While Chalamet and Kaluuya do amazing work in their roles too, I feel like Oldman is deserving of the award and so they’ll give him the nod. He’s also won the Golden Globe already, and the SAG award so he’s on track to take the Oscar too.


Timothée Chalamet – Call Me by Your Name

Gary Oldman deserves this award. Amazing performance as Churchill and the man hasn’t won an Oscar EVER! But I think Chalamet will walk away with it.


Gary Oldman – The Darkest Hour

When the trailer came out I didn’t think he was going to get nominated. Oldman is a veteran in the game and I felt he had better and more deserving roles. Ha! Jokes on me. I was taken aback and had to eat some humble pie. Gary Oldman for the win.


Gary Oldman – The Darkest Hour

This was not my favourite. Timothee was, but there is no denying what a great performance this was. Gary Oldman is such a technical actor, much like Jessica Chastain is as a female actor – Great job! an Obvious win! An actor like this boasts loads of paying attention at tertiary level.

What is your prediction for Best Lead Actor? Let us know in the comments below.

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