First Trailer for Mute Makes a Pretty Loud Statement

Guys, after Moon and Source Code, Duncan Jones got tossed one of the biggest franchises in the world in the form of Warcraft. It didn’t do that well in the Western world, but he was saved from the blacklist by the film’s solid performance in China. It seems like that close call may have shaken him a bit and he returns to his sci-fi roots in his latest project, Mute.

Look, I’m not implying that the guy is doing this kind of film because of the so-called failure of Warcraft, since he’s been talking about making this project for years, but I guess myself and other fans are happy to see him going back to this kind of thing.

Despite being smaller than Warcraft in terms of the size of the production, Mute still looks like it’s got quite a budget behind it with a stellar class, some amazing set pieces, and great graphics. They’ve also built out what appears to be a completely original world that’s either in the future or an alternate reality. It kind of reminds me of the aesthetic of the Ghost in the Shell live action film.

Anyway, what did you think of the first trailer for Mute? Let me know your thoughts by dropping a comment or shouting at us on social media.

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