Top 10 actors who could be the next James Bond

With fan favourite (and mine) Tom Hiddleston recently saying he doesn’t “think that announcement is coming” and that “Your guess is as good as mine…” with regards to the seemingly vacant role of 007, the question is: who could be up for it? The internet will throw every name into the mix. We chose our top 10 actors who could be the next James Bond.

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001. Idris Elba

Why it should happen:

Not too long ago, everyone collectively became ok with having a black James Bond. I think it was around the time that Samuel L. Jackson became Nick Fury. Thanks Sam.

Once we decided that, the first person we thought of was Idris Elba. Why wouldn’t it be? The dude oozes cool, ladies love him, he can do action and he’s got the acting chops to pull it off. Have you seen Luthor? You should.

Why it probably won’t happen:

I feel like if it hasn’t been announced by now it just won’t happen. Not because he’s old or irrelevant.  He is neither. But we thought about it too hard and now other candidates have entered the fold.

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002. Tom Hardy

Why it should happen:

Tom Hardy is very much a household name these days. He played Bane and a boxer so we know he can throw down. He played a spy in This Means War. He played Mad Max in Fury Road so we know he has leading man potential.  

Why it probably won’t happen:

He played a dick in The Revenant and I hate him now.

I’m kidding. I really can’t think of a reason why he shouldn’t be James Bond other than he’s not Tom Hiddleston.

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003. Damian Lewis

Why it should happen:

I can’t stop watching this guy. He’s also quite big now since the success of Billions and Homeland. Acting is great and he’s got this strange mix of calm and intense. I don’t understand it but I like it. And I like him as 007.

Why it probably won’t happen:

He’s a TV star right now. Sure, this could be the next phase of his career. It’s not like acting in series and acting in movies is apples and oranges. But I feel like he’ll be doing TV for a while before he ventures full time into being a movie star.

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004. Aidan Turner

Why it should happen:

Good actor. Has the look and the charm and has been in a few good films of late, including The Hobbit.

Why it probably won’t happen:

A dark horse for the role and not nearly famous enough just yet to have his name on movie posters in order to sell tickets. But this could be the star-maker role for him as it has been for many that came before him. Still, tough competition.

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005. Matthew Goode

Why it should happen:

I’m pretty sure he IS James Bond in real life. Are we sure he’s not?

Why it probably won’t happen:

He’s goode, but is he THAT goode? … I’m sorry.

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006. Richard Madden

Why it should happen:

Got the look, old enough and has the acting ability to be a really good James Bond. It will make him a truly household name. His real name, not Rob Stark, King of the North. Plus, *spoilers* he’s not exactly busy on Game of Thrones these days. You know… because he’s dead. Sorry, I just wanted to be clear.

Why it probably won’t happen:

I feel like he’s almost lost momentum since Game of Thrones. He was in Cinderella but who cares really. He’s not a front-runner. He’s pretty much in the second tier of casting choices along with those deemed too young to be 007. Such as…

Warning: You are now entering “Probably way too young to play James Bond but we’ll mention them anyway because fuck it” territory.

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007. Jamie Bell

Why it should happen:

He played a ballet dancer as a kid and was The Thing in the very terrible Fantastic Four. At some point, the universe has to even that shit out.

Why it probably won’t happen:

He’s short and not exactly the pretty boy you’d associate with 007. I know what you’re thinking, that sounds exactly like Daniel Craig. But have you seen Daniel Craig pout? No but seriously. Jamie Bell will probably only be 007 in this list. Cruel but true.

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008. Matthew Lewis

Why it should happen:

Rewind to Philosopher’s Stone and Neville Longbottom is the butt of all the jokes. No pun intended. But the character rose to prominence as the books/movies progressed – and so did the actor. He cleans up nicely, looks pretty fit and needs a role like this to propel him to superstardom.

Why it probably won’t happen:

He might be vastly more attractive but he doesn’t really scream suave and cool. Then again, he is an actor and British. That should be built in. But again he’s too young and, unfortunately, too B-list.

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009. Nicolas Hoult

Why it should happen:

He’s seriously blowing up. Mad Max: Fury Road and Beast in the X-Men franchise. He could do a serious job as 007. Or at the very least an apprentice who eventually becomes 007.

Why it probably won’t happen:

Probably the best choice for the role if they want to do a 25 year old James Bond. But do they? Probably no.

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010. Tom Felton

Why it should happen:

Of all the Harry Potter alumni hopefuls, Draco is the best bet for the role. He’s due a really good role.

Why it probably won’t happen:

More like bond VILLAIN! Am I right? Piece of Slytherin garbage… Also, too young.


Closing Thoughts

Whoever it may be, outgoing director Sam Mendes has insisted that the next James Bond is not someone we’d expect. Smoke and mirrors. It’s gotta be Hiddleston. He can deny it all he wants but I think Tom Hiddleston is the top actor who could be the next James Bond.

Or maybe it will be a woman. Jane Bond, anyone? But that’s a post for another time.

What do you think?

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