The Wonderful World of Movie Logic

Look, here at BTG we love film. It’s why this blog exists. It’s why we make movies. Film is life for us. And this is why it’s slightly annoying but mostly amusing when things happen in movies that wouldn’t happen in normal life. This is the wonderful world of movie logic. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Ordering a “beer”

Scenario: You go to a bar – any bar – it doesn’t really matter. You proceed to ask the bartender for a beer. The bartender will then follow up with a simple question: “Which beer?” – This is real life.

In a movie, you ask for a beer and you get a beer. No questions asked. Because there is pretty much only one beer.

  • Fighting a Group of People One by One

Attention group of bad guys who have outnumbered the one good guy! Why not attack him all at once? Seriously, you’re outnumbering him. Why let him beat you all up one by one? Don’t you realise he now has a chance of saving the day. All because you jokers thought you could tire him out one by one? Seriously. No.

  • The Sudden Hang Up

In movies, people who are talking on the phone never say goodbye. They say what they need to say, and then hang up the phone.


  • The main bad guy dies and the rest just…you know…go away

The main villain is the one everyone is afraid of. He controls everything. He orders his army of minions to attack. The evil plan is the villain’s plan. So when the villain dies at the hands of our hero, all the remaining members of the bad guy’s army look at each other, shrug and just walk away.

“It’s no use fighting guys, the boss is dead. Let’s go get a beer,”

  • Action heroes never EVER look at explosions.

It’s really the foundation of action movies and you can read more about it here.

Also, you can watch this video:

If you know of any other movie logic moments that amuse you or piss you off, please let us know in the comments sections below.

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Dean always gets killed in the first 20 minutes of every horror movie he has ever been in. I’m not saying it’s a racial issue, but the facts are there, guys.

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