The 12 Worst Superhero Movies

Remember when one superhero movie was released a year? Yeah, those days are dead and gone. Now it’s like every comic book gets a movie. So there’s still hope for that Squirrel Girl movie that nobody wants.

2016 is the year we might just overdose on comic book movies, with five still to be released and seven overall for 2016 when you factor in Deadpool and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But they’re not all home runs.

We look at our top 12 worst superhero movies of all time.

12. Superman Returns


This had potential. Kevin Spacey did what he could. But ultimately, what the hell was this?

DC really REALLY wanted Brandon Routh in their universe so nowadays he’s a low-risk, “hey look, it’s sort of Iron Man” superhero. But just in case, they dare not give him his own show.

You gotta learn from your mistakes.

11. Hulk


Before the Incredible Hulk – which had a much better story, cast and generally everything – we got a movie about the big green man that was disappointing for many reasons.

Did they cast Eric Bana because his last name is basically the same as the character he’s playing? Seemed like a good idea. But it wasn’t just him. The graphics were bad. Plot terrible. They had to make Hulk incredible again so they brought in Edward Norton.

But still, never forget.

10. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance


The first movie wasn’t the best thing ever but it had Eva Mendes and was enjoyable. I was sold.

This sequel didn’t have Eva Mendes but Nic Cage stayed AND they got Idris Elba. It still managed to fail miserably.

How did they get Idris Elba?

9. Catwoman


Halle Berry “won?” a Razzie for her performance in this superhero movie after winning an Oscar for Monster’s Ball.

But Halle Berry can’t take all the blame. This entire movie was just a waste of time, space, money and hype.

8. The Spirit


Do you think Sam L. Jackson and Scar Jo ever spoke about this movie while making The Avengers?

Do you think Gabriel Macht saw Sam L. Jackson and Scar Jo years later and pretended like it was the first time meeting them?

I hope not. And I really do.

7. X-Men Origins: Wolverine


This movie is both the reason we got Deadpool and also the reason we almost didn’t get Deadpool.

Let’s let that sink in.

6. Amazing Spiderman 2


What a case of something that could have been good but let it eat itself in one ginormous cluster-fuck of a movie.

Cheers, Garfield.

5. Spiderman 3

spiderman 3

Too many things happening. Felt very rushed. But there was always time for an Emo looking Peter Parker doing a Saturday Night Fever walk down a street.

They were like, everything else is expendable but Tobey’s dance moves will stay.

4. Fant4stic


Made no money. Director Josh Trank wants nothing to do with it – mostly because the studio screwed him over. Won, like, ALL the razzies.

Even Stan Lee wasn’t in this. It’s like he KNEW!

3. Elektra



Daredevil just missed out on this list but Elektra was never going to be that lucky. I remember watching this movie but I also don’t remember anything that happened in it.

Oh! An eagle flew out of a dude’s back tattoo.

That was cool.

2. Green Lantern


I get that Ryan Reynolds is a star. I get that we want to give him all the starring roles. He was made to play Deadpool. But why on EARTH did he play Hal Jordan? It seemed so unnecessary. And it was. The whole thing was just so unnecessary.

We have the technology so intergalactic adventures with a ring that can create anything seemed like a good idea. They even made the entire suit CGI. Geez, do they regret that.

1. Batman & Robin

batman and robin

The Godfather of bad superhero movies. It’s like Schumacher and co collectively took the piss and decided to figuratively urinate all over every other Batman movie and comic book.

They might as well have literally pissed all over every other Batman movie and comic book.

The amount of bad “ice” puns. The cartoonish action sequences. The hilarious bad chemistry between Clooney and O’Donnell. The nipples on the batsuit.

We must NEVER let this happen again.

Wrapping It Up

What did you think of this list? What would you add or take out? Does Batman & Robin deserve to be on top [or bottom, as it were]?

I think it’s a fitting number one given that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has just recently been released. Reviews have been mixed, with some critics slating the film. Here’s Ben Affleck’s thoughts on it:

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