The Gallows Trailer

People who know me know that I love me some found footage films! They tend to get a bad rap these days since none of them (with the exception of the first Paranormal Activity, I’d argue) have managed to capture the same horror of The Blair Witch Project. I doubt The Gallows will either, but that won’t stop me from watching it. I just love the genre.

Check out the full trailer below:

Charlie is an asshole. Anyway I love the use of sound in the trailer, and I’m hoping they haven’t just used ALL of the most scary parts to create this trailer, because that would suck.

I just have to add why I think nothing will capture the terror of The Blair Witch Project again, and perhaps I’ll cover this in an Analysis Piece some time in future: The film was released in 1999, and the internet as we know it today was still developing (heck it’s changing every day). YouTube only showed up 6 years later, and the online video teasers were hosted elsewhere, and on TV. I think the limitations of our access to information, and verification of that information had a big part to play with the success of Blair Witch. We actually couldn’t tell if it was real or not, and questioned everything we knew!

Anyway, this post is actually about a trailer, so I hope you enjoyed it. What are your thoughts on the trailer? Would you watch this?

About the Author: Stephen is a film critic who loves to get the shit scared out of him, and totally doesn’t leave the room light on after a horror movie. And also, never over-compensates. Okay, I’m done. He also hates self-promotion… Follow him on Twitter @thesnagel.


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