Ant-Man (2015) Trailer


It’s finally here! Today, after much anticipation, the first official trailer for Marvel’s Ant-Man dropped. Before that, all we had to go by was an ant-sized teaser, which was later released in human size. But the way is over, so catch the (nearly) 2-minute trailer below:

This trailer’s still a bit of a teaser itself, but it offers a deeper look at the life and development of protagonist Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man).

I’m really glad Paul Rudd landed this role; I think he deserves a superhero movie, being an awesome actor who’s starred in mostly mediocre roles.

In all honesty, I was a bit annoyed by Michael Douglas’ voice over. You know how some people just do voice over better than others? Well yeah, I don’t think he nails it.

Anyway, a decent trailer overall; I’ll be looking forward to the next trailers, and the film itself. You can catch Ant-Man in theaters from July 2015.


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