Avengers: Age of Ultron Team Review

We watched the epic Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer and here’s some thoughts the team had.


The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer dropped this morning, and the internet has lost its mind! My initial thoughts were: “Hey look, South African Police Services”, followed by “It takes an alien invasion for police in South Africa to respond to a call’.

We South Africans know this very well. Anyway, on to the epicness of the trailer itself: It’s absolute anarchy. It looks like our heroes are falling apart as Ultron brings his wrath of madness. The uber Iron Man thing that battles the Hulk is the fight I’m really looking forward to.


Remember when The Avengers made all the money a few years ago? Well, they want more. And judging by the epicness of this trailer, they will get it. The original dysfunctional time bomb is back, along with a few new faces in the form of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

But the big bad is a little more terrifying this time as we embark upon the Age of Ultron and James Spader’s voice is just everything. Chilling but enthralling. I liked the serious tone but I admit I expected a Tony Stark one-liner and some Samuel L Jackson yelling. Still, the Marvel fanatic in me is super amped for this one.


To be honest, I’m probably going to watch this trailer 5 or 6 more times. It’s good. I’d say even better than the first. Joss Whedon has done it again. He’s able to hook the audience with the smallest, tastiest visuals and make us salivate over the rest of the dish. He did it with the first Avengers, but back then we had no expectations.

This time, Bringing Iron Man, Hulkbuster and James Spader (Voice of Ultron) into the fold, along with the other newcomers, has really captured the audience; I mean in a bear trap type of capture.

Seeing and hearing James Spader has literally made me wet my pants with excitement. He brings a steady and solid enemy for The Avengers to fight, and in the process something for us to fear and envy. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to be a super monstrous machine with the voice of James goddamn Spader! I can’t wait for this Movie. I doubt anyone can.

Prediction: Highest grossing film of 2015. If not, Conspiracy!


Captain America’s shield is broken. I cannot believe what I saw. Out of the entire trailer that is what stuck out the most. The only time that was televised was in The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes by Loki with the OdinForce. So what did Ultron do to break his shield? This is beyond scary because this shield was designed by Howard Stark, perfected by Tony Stark and is made of vibranium. Yes, be afraid.

All in all, I am supporting Ultron. Yes I said it. I am getting a t-shirt with Ultron’s face on the front and at the back. It will say “And now I’m free. There are no strings on me“. His voice over was inspiring and could make anyone drop a tear. Powerful, cold, subtle, moving, evil and scary. The best voice over by a villain since The Joker in The Dark Knight.

Riddle me this: is it Iron Man’s HulkBuster vs the Hulk or is it Ultron controlling the HulkBuster vs the Hulk?

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