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Gone Girl (Spoiler-free) Review

I’ve been missing for a while, I know. I’ve just started a new gig, I moved to a new suburb, and basically started a new life. Gone as you were. So my plate is a bit full right now. I try to make the most of my free time on the weekends, which is why on Sunday I went to see David Fincher’s latest film: Gone Girl.

I hadn’t spoken to anyone about the film; and having not read the book or any form of synopsis (aside from the succinct IMDb description on the film’s main page), I went in blind.

By the looks of the dissatisfied, fuming grandmas walking out of the cinema by the end of the film, I take it I wasn’t the only one who went in blind. No, I’m not making fun of how old people can’t see, and yes, there were a LOT of old people in the cinema. I’m still trying to figure this out.

I digress. I’m still deciding whether or not this review should have spoilers (I nearly marked it “spoilers?” on my calendar, with the publish date).

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In the meantime, let me start by saying that it appears to be the return of the (ab)normal, suburban middle-to-upper class setting that Fincher grasps in his crude hands (or mind’s eye) and moulds into a visual spectacle that would make any author proud. I just got the book this evening, so I’ll confirm this when I’m done reading it.

Gone Girl is about a woman. And a man. The woman goes missing. The man looks for her.In the meantime, the media scoops up their tale, and as a result the rest of the world is watching with bated breath; obviously commenting and placing judgment on each and every notion and action as the story (and subsequent allegations) starts to unfold. Damn you, tabloid media!

The cinematography, ambiance and score started out pretty much textbook-like, but evolved into a Pans Labyrinth-esque spectacle (minus the weird creatures of course) that seemed to suck you into the horror, with the voyeuristic thrill being the sweet payoff that comes along with this narrative of grief.

#1 on the list of facial expressions NOT to make when your wife is missing...
#1 on the list of facial expressions NOT to make when your wife is missing…

It’s dark, it’s twisty (and twisted), it has great acting, and best of all, magnificent dialogue. This is everything I’ve been expecting from a crime thriller/ drama for the last (insert amount of years since The Departed).

But Gone Girl is more than all of these things. The film asks a number of bold questions that hit you right in the morality. If you can tell me who you empathise with by the end of the film, I will give you… absolutely nothing. But just try it anyway.

This movie had me mouthing the words “f#cking psycho” on a number of occasions; sometimes I said it out loud to damning looks from all the grandmas. Usually I wait for dramas to get off circuit and grab a DVD copy, but this scandalous story is worth your time and your money to catch on the big screen.

Rating: 8.8/10

Favourite Quote: ”What are you thinking? What are you feeling? What have we done to each other? What will we do?”

Gone Girl

About the Author: Stephen is that c#nt. Just kidding. But, not really.

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